Christmas Gift Landfill

As Christmas approaches, the sheer wastefulness of the season amazes me.

In an effort to save money, it is tempting to choose gifts from the many discount stores around.  From bookshops with nothing over $5 to giftware stores where it is possible to pick up an array of gifts for no more than the gold coins if your pocket.  Even big department stores advertise how cheaply you can buy large plastic children’s toys (which may not last past New Year’s Day, but everything is disposable & easily replaceable at those prices).

In an effort to avoid in this type of spending as much as possible, I decided to make the Christmas gifts for my 3 year old’s kinder teachers. A few weekends ago, Xavier and I got out into the garden and pulled out our gardening tools.  Using things we already had (plastic pots from previously purchased plants & well cared for soil from our garden) we took cuttings of 4 varieties of succulent plants that have grown well in our garden and cultivated them into the new pots.

Here is the result:

We will decorate the pots up nicely with wrapping and I plan on making them a Christmas card using the photo of Xavier having just made their gift.  It was good for Xavier too as we talked the whole time about the soil, water, the roots on a plant & what plants need to survive, he got a mini science lesson!

I hope his teachers enjoy their present, at least more than the alternative gift of a cheaply made photo frame which may have ended up in landfill before the new school year even starts.


The path

Only recently have I realised that I have slowly been heading down this path for some time.

The crunching grey gravel underfoot, lavender-scented breeze slightly ruffling my hair, and chickens brushing against my bare legs as I hang cleanly washed linen on my backyard clothes line might still be but an image in my imagination, but I have tentatively approached the path already.

The path that hopefully takes me to a healthier, slower paced lifestyle with a strong community feel but a wider environmental outlook.

It all started as I searched for frugal ways to save money so that I could quit my job and stay at home to raise my then-one-year-old son.  I found modern cloth nappies.  The nappies themselves are the subject of another post (as I could talk about them all day!) but my findings as to what made up the disposable nappies which I was putting so close to my precious baby’s skin and the footprint my barely walking child had already made on this earth started me on the path.

I intend this blog to be a place where I can journal my journey from the world of convenience as I undo the unsustainable lifestyle I have been leading one baby step at a time.

I hope that one day the sustainable, healthy lifestyle of my imaginings will be my reality.